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Guiding families, ministries, parishes, schools, and communities in accompanying youth along their faith journey to become deeply rooted in Christ!


Deepening Roots Ministry Services is committed to providing resources and support to Catholic families, ministries, parishes, schools, and communities who accompany youth along their faith journeys, helping them to deepen their roots in Christ.


How Can we Help

Whether you are a parent, a DRE, a teacher, a parish or diocesan leader, a catechist, or another caring individual committed to providing strong accompaniment along a youth's faith journey, we are here to support you.

We offer support to parents, consulting, workshops, catechist and volunteer training, lead youth retreats, and provide you with a wealth of resources in the form of lesson plans, digital downloads, tips, merchandise suggestions, ideas, and blog posts. Click below to see more details regarding what we can offer you!

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