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Lesson Plan Resources:


This page is meant to accompany the lesson plan on racism (which can be purchased below). This page also includes essential and supplemental links from the lesson plan along with links to purchase additional recommended materials.

Racism Shop

Important Links and Additional Resources:

Essential for the Lesson:

  • Music video for Prayer Service: Jacob's Song by Brother Isaiah: click here

  • Video on Solidarity, the sixth theme of Catholic Social Teaching: click here

  • Saints / People of Faith:

    • St. Martin de Porres - Trailer to the movie "Saint Martin de Porres": click here

    • St. Josephine Bakhita - Trailer to the movie "Bakhita: From Slave to Saint": click here

    • Sister Thea Bowman - Short video about her life: click here

More Information and Resources:

  • Want more information about using holy water at home? - Deepening Roots blog: click here

  • How do I create a home-altar? - Amendo blog: click here

  • Why do Catholics make the Sign of the Cross?

  • What and why do Catholics gesture before the Gospel is proclaimed at Mass?​ - Life Teen blog: click here

  • Want to know more about Brother Isaiah and how he wrote "Jacob's Song" which is featured in this lesson? - Renewal In Motion website: click here

  • What does the USCCB say about racism? - click here

  • The Bible, the Catechism, and referenced Church documents:

    • The Bible online - click here

    • The Catechism online - click here

    • Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church (USCCB 2007) - click here

    • Brothers and Sisters to Us (USCCB 1979) - click here​​

    • Statement of U.S. Bishops’ President on George Floyd and the Protests in American Cities (Archbishop José H. Gomez 2020) - click here

    • Open Wide Our Hearts: An Enduring Call to Love(USCCB 2018) - click here​​

  • Saints:

    • What and who are the saints? - USCCB website: click here

    • Why do we pray with saints?​ - Ascension Presents video: click here

  • Sin:

  • Where can you find organizations of value to support? - Poverty Map website: click here

Other Recommended Resources

Here are some additional resources and products that may be of assistance in using the above lesson plan. Please know that, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases when these links are used. Thank you for your support!

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